TARGETING EXCELLENCE – Yon Family Farms recognized for contributions to Certified Angus Beef supply. 

Story and Photos by Jessica Wharton and Nicole Erceg
October 2021

The setting sun paints the southern sky in pinks and blues; wisps of cotton candy clouds stretch for miles. He strolls through the vibrant, green grass, softly whispering to his cows, one of which nudges his hand for a scratch on the head. He obliges with a gentle pat, then continues walking. A smile on his face, he pauses to gaze at the beauty of the evening. He often calls his farm a work of art— tonight, it’s easy to see why. 

First-generation seedstock producers Kevin and Lydia Yon, along with their children, Drake, Sally, and Corbin, have been continuously improving their farm since they drove the first fence posts on what was a 100-acre abandoned peach orchard in 1996.  

Today the tagalong toddlers on that first fencing project are full-grown farmers with families of their own. A herd of nearly 1,500 Angus cattle graze their lush green pastures on the coastal plains outside of Ridge Spring, S.C. 

Establishing a world-class seedstock operation in the Southeast didn’t happen overnight, and the family humbly insists they’re no different than many others. Indeed, their vision, use of technologies, and dedication to deliberate improvement make them unique. [READ MORE]

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